Dental Anxiety

Do you have anxiety when you think about stepping into a dental office? We are here to help with your dental phobia. We offer a low-volume office focused on gentle dental care and our treatment is quick and comfortable. Services include: gentle dentistry, sleep dentistry (sedation dentistry), pain control during visit, pain medications after visit, behavioral therapy, treatment plans, action calendars and most importantly, emotional support. Before and after smile makeover photos of dental anxiety dental fear performed in our Dental Phobia Management office. Book a free consultation with our gentle dentist to go over your options.

Our dental anesthesiologist offers several options for dental sedation including nitrous oxide laughing gas.

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Our team includes 16 cosmetic dentists and specialists (including an MD Anesthesiologist) all in one high-end midtown Manhattan location. As a result, we are able to offer quick and comfortable appointments. We provide an intelligent and honest diagnosis based upon 33+ years of experience. 

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Please visit The Center for Special Dentistry YouTube channel to watch a 53 minute lecture on Dental Phobia, Dental Fear and Dental Anxiety.

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